EWS offers woven wire mesh pad mist eliminators custom manufactured to meet specified separator application requirements.

The woven wire mesh pad mist eliminator provides gas-liquid separation at lower mist eliminator cost. However, due to lower gas velocity limitations than vanes it requires larger more costly separator vessels to achieve effective separation.

An equally effective alternative to the traditional vane pack in gas-liquid separation is the mesh pad eliminator. Much like with the vane pack, the mesh pad relies on inertial impaction to separate gas from liquid. As the stream moves through the tightly knitted mesh, liquid droplets coalesce and as the gravitational forces acting upon the droplet come to exceed the inertial forces, the liquid will either fall out or remain trapped in the mesh. The anticipated k-factor fore mesh pads is between 0.35 and 0.45 as opposed to 0.7 for Ed W. Smith vane packs. Although mesh pads run at lower velocities, there are considerable cost savings to consider through the use of a mesh pad.

The use of a mesh pad eliminator boosts separation effectiveness as it can remove particles as small as 5 microns. To prevent liquid re-entrainment, mesh pad applications operate at lower velocities than vane packs. With lower liquid loads and higher required separation efficiency, the mesh pad may be the solution for you. Request a quote today.