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Jonell Filter Elements

Jonell Typical Fiberglass Filter Element

EWS is a distributor of Jonell's complete line of high quality filter elements for new applications, or suitable as replacements for most competitive manufacturer's elements.

Authorized distributor

In conjunction with Jonell's experienced distributor support, EWS supplies recommended new filter solutions, and replacements for most other manufacturer's filter products.


Jonell Typical L-V Coalescer Elements

Wide range of filter designs suitable for most applications

Jonell filters are robustly built for a very broad range of oil, gas, and petrochemical requirements.

Cross-reference to other manufacturer part numbers available

By way of a comprehensive cross-reference, Jonell elements can be supplied as suitable substitutes for most other manufacturer's filters to ensure proper dimensional and functional interchangeability.


EWS Filter Support Assembly

EWS fabricated filter supports available

EWS offers filter support assemblies featuring stainless steel Y-supports and machined carbon steel bases to suit most all Jonell elements for new filter vessel fabrication requirements.

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