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EWS Vane Mist Extractors

EWS Vane Mist Extractors

The proven EWS stripping vane element packaged into custom designed and fabricated vane mist extractor assemblies is the key to achieving high efficiency liquid separation in process gas stream separator applications providing essential protection from entrained liquids for downstream equipment.

Gas-liquid separator solutions

The EWS vane mist extractor is supplied as a complete assembly of vane elements contained in a fabricated housing custom sized and designed to meet customer specified operating conditions and each unique vessel arrangement.

Gas-liquid separator solutions Gas-liquid separator solutions

Fixed or removable vane elements

EWS vane mist extractors are offered with either fixed or removable vane elements to suit the application requirements. Fixed vanes are well suited to most pipeline gas applications. Individually removable vane elements allow inspection & cleaning for applications subject to fouling.

Fixed or removable vane elements Fixed or removable vane elements

Guaranteed performance, materials & workmanship

Guaranteed performance, materials & workmanship The separation performance of the EWS vane mist extractor is guaranteed when installed into the intended vessel design under the specified operating conditions. Materials and workmanship are guaranteed, and material test certificates are provided.

Engineering support

EWS applies decades of experience when developing well engineered vane mist extractor solutions for each application. Early coordination with the customer's overall separator design requirements ensures a well integrated vane mist extractor which can be readily installed at the customer's chosen vessel fabricator.

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