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About Ed W. Smith Machine Works, Inc.

A History of Pioneering Vane Separation Technology

  • Ed W. Smith Machine Works Was Founded In 1939 To Engineer, Machine & Fabricate Diverse Mechanical Equipment.
  • By 1953 The E-W-S Stripping Vanes For 2-Phase Gas/Liquid Separators Were Developed & Patented.
  • Since The 1950s E-W-S Has Engineered, Fabricated And Packaged Process Separation Equipment Capitalizing On Our Staff's Expertise, And The Proprietary E-W-S Vane Mist Extractor Designs.
  • Today E-W-S Continues To Offer Our Proven Proprietary Vane Mist Extractor Designs, And The Focused Engineering Support To Enable Our Clients To Build Their Own Separators Equipped With State Of The Art Vane Mist Extractor Internals.
  • E-W-S Separation Equipment Has Achieved Broad Acceptance With Thousands Of Units Serving The Oil & Gas Sector, With Numerous Separator Solutions Applied To Other Industries As Well.
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